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"Reel World Environment"
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Emmarc has brought its products & services to the media of cards. This has generated procedures & products for the magnetic swipe and smartcard industry & also users alike. ... Contaminants accumulate in card devices thereby causing problems for the user, system performance and data. KleenKards will prevent and in many instances recover poor system and card performance ...(more)

KleenKard #EMM101S-10
KleenKards for magnetic swipe and smart card readers in sachets.

About Emmarc

The company was formed in 1980 with the name EMMARC. Our name was taken from the  "Electronic Memory and Research Arithmetical Calculator" which was the first electronic computer system launched in 1957 to manage libraries - Miss Emmy they called it.

We are a specialised technical organisation in data management and digital technology. As leaders within the enterprise computer arena our clients include some of the largest organisations and international corporates around the world.

As hi-tech data and storage media moved from the computer room, so did our expertise and technical know how.

Cards, now a movable and flat storage media, can hold important information within their chip memory and magnetic media.  Some years ago, following a number of invites and presentations to the smart card forums, we presented the need for media and data management within the card industry. This stemmed from some of the the work with British Standards Institute and ISO. where we were opted onto as British experts for digital media and data storage.

The marriage of the card, it's data and equipment in the open environment was of great interest to the card forums and the computer industry alike. In addition the growing importance of data management and data integrity required by card media became a hot topic. Mission critical data for an individual can now depend on a card in the back pocket or handbag.

With the technical wars in full flow, issues of the card compatibility and operability with the possible combination of three storage media types, multi data formats, multi applications and multi hardware/software specifications on a single card, it soon became clear that a total re-think about cards and data management was required.

We were encouraged to review further the management of digital data stored within magnetic and smart card media which is the predominant and more preferred card media types.  An important criteria is the cards data integrity while operating in an open environment, because all could be lost due to its adverse impact.

This was further compounded with the incorrect assumption, that type II and smart card media and its data was not critical, in addition card devices had become known as maintenance free and some of the new technology had been called contact-less, which in reality meant that the card was still in direct contact with the equipment but less so than older type I media.

Cleaning cards designed for older type card devices had not been updated for the needs of the modern day card or data operating environments. Knowledge lost maybe:- we found a user with a cleaning card made from recycled cardboard, saturated in IPA and stuffing it into the card device. In another instance we found a cleaning card that could brush the surface of the card reader but remove nothing, another cleaning card that was dry, very abrasive and was scratching the card device. In addition many other types of cleaning cards had not been evaluated for use on modern day electronic card devices.

Following some extensive design and testing process over four years, and working with some of the the major equipment and media manufacturers resulted in the design, development and production of our "KleenKard" and "Universal HCF2001" range of products. It did not stop there, extensive tests and evaluations were conducted by technical centres in the UK, France, Japan and the USA, followed by performance tests and end user trials in Europe.  The Kleenkard is now the universal cleaning card.